A Way of Life

I have recently made the move to Vancouver Island and look forward to pursuing a healthy and happy life. The Island for me is a place where I can be outside more and just take in the fresh sea air. There is beautiful scenery all around and many ways to enjoy it. There are more natural and locally made products here and a climate that promotes a long growing season.

So, what is a healthy life? For years I have been learning what it means to be healthy and learning ways to achieve it but it seems everyday I learn something new and realize how much more there is to know. Life’s a journey and knowledge should be the stepping stones along the way.

Following blogs and learning from other people has encouraged me in my healthy life and I have gathered so many recipes and lots of good tips and information. I have also created a few recipes along the way. This blog is a way for me to compile all of that in one place so that I can share it. I have learned so much from other bloggers and I hope to be another stop along the way for people to pursue a healthy life.


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